Conan Exiles


We recruit in game

Clan Recruitment - At Capacity - Please check back for spaces or use our contact page with your request to join 3db

Server settings

No restrictions on building damage, Avatar spawn and Purge. 24 hour raid

No drop loot on death

AI damage and attack increased

Thirst and Hunger more realistic

Crafting speed is fast

XP Multipliers all set to 3

Structure decay is active. Timer set to 360 hours (15 real time days without your tribe not logging on our server)

All welcome

Server Rules

No desert first spawn camping or killing

Don't block Any Bosses even in open world, boss Dungeons or arenas

Do not block Obelisks or Reading Stones. Do not block anything that prevents people from progressing with journey steps  ie NPC spawns 

Try not to  build or block rare resource spawns ie Black ice, Ice, obsidian so on. You will be making yourself a target for a all clans to wipe your base. Due to finite resources in Conan Exiles

Please use our contact page for any changes you what on our servers

Any issues please contact us by logging into our website and using contact page 

Our 3db Clans list is on the left of our page

To donate to our Servers please click this link below


You must create an account with the G Portal website via the links above to be able to donate to 3rdegree Burns servers

All donations must be sent to account name 3rdegree

Thank you 3db Team

Thank you