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FORZA Horizon 2 & 3

Our 3DB Car Club recruits in game. Please search for 3rdegree Burns. You might have to type 

3rdegree if our full name doesn't show up.

Car Club Leader: dr3gree

Clan Recruitment - Availible - Please check back for spaces or use our contact page with your request to join 3db



1.No Bullying


2.No Advertising

3.No Trolling/Flaming


4.Respect all Players, 3db members, admin and our founder


5.No Racist or Sexist or homophobic Remarks


6.No Mods/Hacks


7.Report all to us via our website contact page- login required


8.No spawn camping/killing


9.Do not name anything on our server or in our clans that breaches our rules, offends or is copyrighted

Any issues please contact us by logging into our website and using contact page 

Our 3db Clans list is on the left of our page

To donate to our Servers please click this link below


You must create an account with the G Portal website via the links above to be able to donate to 3rdegree Burns servers

All donations must be sent to account name 3rdegree

Thank you 3db Team

Thank you



3RDEGREE BURNS® is a registered trademark of 3rdegree Burns